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Quickgets Park

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Quickgets Park

=== Now featuring Apple Watch! ===
Do you forget often where your car is parked?. Thank to this app is not an issue anymore. With Quickgets Park you will know exactly where you left your vehicle and will provide you with the route to get to your it, and also with an image of the place you parked.

Rewritten from scratch, it features the latest technologies, such Today widgets and Apple Watch support.

* Updated to the latest enhancements of your device
* Universal app. Now on your iPad!
* Maps obtained from your current position.
* Street images of your park location.
* Runtime-generated route to go back to your car.
* Today widget
- Inform the main app you are parking your car with only one gesture and one touch.
- Get an integrated map of your location in the widget.
- Launch your route to go back to your car with one touch.
* Apple Watch
- Park your car with one touch
- Get a map of your parked car, and get indications to go back to it.

The enhancement of this app has been possible due to ad Support. With the in app purchase included, you will be able to disable the adds, supporting future improvements of it.

mail: [email protected]
twitter: @quickgets
Alvaro Maroto Conde