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Simple, beautiful and easy to use! Remember all that is important in your life! Never forget to do something with QuickeR! Download, install and use! No need to sign up or log in to Facebook, Google+ or any other social network.

With QuickeR! is simple: either you do it, or delay it, but never forget it! You just forget to do something if you do not write it down on QuickeR!

Let no event go unnoticed with quicker! You can build your task list in a simple and fast way! If you have no time, put all your tasks in Quicker! And it will remind you later to organize your to-do list when you have more time!

Main features:
- 3D Touch
- Optimized for iOS 10
- Support for Apple Watch
- Quick Reminder – just write what you need to be remembered and done, you’ll not forget anymore.
- Smart Reminder - Enter the date when you need to be reminded and QuickeR! will understand.
- Send reminder - do not let others forget something too, just send a reminder
- Periodic reminders - reminder that are repeated in the period that you set: by hour, day, week, month and year.

Features that make your life easier:
- Auto configurable delay: every minute, every hour or only one alert
- Postpone reminders: 10 minutes, 1 hour or 1 day in fast way
- Tag Filter
- Pre-defined times
- You can make a list of all your tasks and view them with time filter: today's tasks, week’s task or all. Never fail to remember to do something!

QuickeR! can be downloaded and used for free. We also have QuickeR! Patron, version that offers advanced features to you, bringing news periodically. In this version, Quicker! Patron offers cloud sync, auto snooze per reminder and new backgrounds for you customize your QuickeR! and complete your day in a fun way. The Patron version can be purchased for $ 0.99 per month, $ 2.99 every 3 months, $ 5.99 every 6 months, or $ 11.99 per year through an non auto-renewing subscription.

Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will not automatically renew.

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Available for iPhone or iPod touch with iOS 8 or later.


Send an e-mail to us: [email protected] or at App Help / Contact us.

Twitter: @quickerapp_br (@quicker_app)
Instagram: @quickerapp
Gustavo Duarte de Oliveira