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========= Featured in "Works With Nest" Store ==========
Reviewed and approved by Nest Labs and received "Works With Nest" badge of approval.

This app is all about quickly controlling your Nest thermostat without unlocking the phone, searching for an app and launching it. Use Today Widget on your iPhone or Apple Watch instead.

[Updated for iPhone X]

************* Apple Watch Features ***************
o Control you Nest thermostats using your **Apple Watch**

o See the temperature inside the house on your Watch face without even launching the app on your Watch (**Complications**). This is a unique feature that let you see inside temperate and access the app on the watch by just tapping on the complication on the Watch face.

o Ability to change the thermostat to Cool, Heat or Heat-Cool from Apple Watch and iPhone/iPad. On Apple watch, do a Force-Touch to see the menu.

************* Smart Algorithm-based Geo-fencing ***************

o Set your thermostat to "Away" when _all_ registered users leave home

o Set your thermostat to "Home" when the _first_ registered user enters home

o Saves energy by setting the thermostat to Away when no one is home

o Makes sure by the time you are home the temperature is set to the desired temperature

o Simple and clean interface without clutter

************* Today Widget ***************

o Control your Nest thermostats quickly and directly from your **Today screen** without the need to launch any app.

o Shows the current and target temperature conveniently on the Today screen

o Set your thermostat to the "Away" mode directly from the Today screen

************* Super-fast Support from within the App ***************

If you discover a bug or need support or have a suggestion, please tap on the email button in the iPhone app (or email address below) to contact us. We respond to all emails within hours.

***Support: [email protected]***