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Quick Remote widgets for Kodi

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Quick Remote widgets for Kodi

Control Kodi or XBMC from anywhere without opening an app or unlocking your phone.

Apple Watch App to pause, resume, skip and start new Movies & TV Shows all from your wrist!

Designed with a simple, intuitive clean interface for fast and easy control of your Home Theatre setup.

Have you ever needed to quickly pause or skip a movie or TV show and you can't find your remote?
With Quick Remote you can quickly 'pull down' notification centre and pause, play or skip and rewind any movie or video playing on XBMC or Kodi. Even without unlocking your phone!

View the last 25 Movies or TV Shows added to library and queue or play them, all without unlocking phone or switching apps!

Missed something? Use the widgets +/- 30s button to quickly skip or go back, never miss a thing.

With Five widgets only added the functions you want without taking up space in Notifications Centre

• Control Kodi/XBMC without unlocking or switching Apps
• Apple Watch App
• +/- 30s for quick skipping and rewinding!
• Show Recently added TV Shows & Movies
• Play & Queue recently added TV Shows & Movies
• Hold Play/Pause button to Stop
• Navigation controls
• Volume Control Widget
• Pause/play XBMC/Kodi from your lock screen
• Automatic setup
• Simple Easy and Elegant.
• iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch Compatible

It's the quickest and easiest way to control Kodi or XBMC.

Works with JSON-RPC API/v6 & Kodi or XBMC
Andrew Farquharson