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Question GPT

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Question GPT

Ever had a friend who's a walking encyclopedia? Picture that friend living right in your pocket – that's 'Question'! It's like texting your go-to genius whenever you're itching to know something.

This is the friend that respects your personal space. Forget about registrations, don't worry about saved conversations, and say goodbye to ads. Each chat is a fresh slate, wiped clean immediately. And the best part? This friendship is absolutely free.

Want to supercharge Siri? Just say 'Siri, question,' and get comprehensive answers directly. No more web browsing needed.

For Apple Watch users, 'Question' operates independently of your phone. Stay connected via Wi-Fi or mobile data—your choice.

Engage in chats with GPT-4, or utilize our 'Whisper' feature for voice-to-text capabilities in 40 languages. Go ahead, speak your mind; this friend is all ears.

Consider making 'Question' your go-to, pocket-sized friend who's always there, respects your privacy, and costs you absolutely nothing.
Hrvoje Prpic