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Quantic Analytics

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Quantic Analytics

Quantic Analytics allows you to learn everything about your business in the easiest way possible. With its seamless integration with your existing Quantic POS, you can now access brand new information backed by our powerful and intelligent system and by a revolutionary reporting system called Glances.

So what are Glances? They're a simple, yet informative, reporting feature that provide information on everything from weekly sales and to performance by payment types. Quantic Analytics has been built with management in mind. But, just don't take our word for it!


"This is a useful app for both managers and owners. For owners, you can monitor how the establishment is doing while away. While for managers, it’s so helpful when trying to make staffing/scheduling/cutting decisions.”

“For anyone using Quantic, the new Analytics app is a progressive way to use technology to manage your business for any professional that isn't always at home base."

"I can see myself depending on Quantic Analytics for its information!”

- Beautiful Charts to Provide Easy-to-Read Data
- Customizable Date Ranges for Glances
- Intuitive User Interface
- Full Dark Mode Support with App Icon Customization
- Shake to Refresh
- Biometric Login
- Seamless Apple Watch Integration
- Easy Login with existing Quantic POS credentials

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