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The program is designed to define the QTH-locator, used by radio amateurs all over the world when working on the VHF bands.

QTH is determined using the GPS function.

To view maps need the presence of the Internet on your device.

His QTH is determined automatically when the program starts and is the token of the current geolocation.

To find the QTH, different from yours, you need to use the card in the application. To add tags, you need to press and hold your finger on the map until the marker on the map c QTH.

The program also allows you to define QTH using the search bar. To do this, type the address in the address bar and select from the list the appropriate address, after which the program will create a marker at this location and will QTH.

If you know QTH correspondent you can find it, and find out the distance to it.

Upon exiting the program stored tokens.
There is also a list of all the selected markers.

You can go from the history of the selected marker to see where he is.

For owners of Apple Watch, the ability to watch your QTH-Locator on a watch is added.

The program is being constantly improved. Keep for updates.
Timur Isaev