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QTally is an easy to use tally counter app that allows you to track custom values and goals

- Group your tallies
- Set custom increment amount
- Assign a value to your tally, which will increase proportionally to your tally count
- Set a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly goal
- You can also set untimed goals if you have no time constraints
- Assign a custom colour to identify your tallies more easily and personalise your experience
- View tally and value history
- Export tallies
- Today widget to allow you to count from your lock screen (tap to increment, long press to open tally within app)
- Speak count, play sounds, vibrate when counting
- Set reminders
- Dark mode to make it more usable in low light environments

Gesture driven UI:
- Tap to increment (or swipe up)
- Swipe down to decrement
- Long press to open tally in full screen

* View hourly history over a 24 hour period
* View daily, weekly, monthly and yearly history
* As well as seeing your count history, you can also view any associated value and/or goal
* View history by value
* View all actions you've made to your tally and exactly when you made them down to the millisecond!
* Edit history

If you have any feedback or feature ideas, please don't hesitate to contact me and let me know! You may do so from the app, or via the support URL provided :-)
Stefan Stojadinovic