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QRCodeGen + is an application to generate QR Codes and BarCodes, being also a reader for the same codes.

With QRCodeGen + you can generate codes for WebSites, phone numbers, Email addresses, YouTube addresses, VCard's, locations, and links to Wi-Fi routers.

QRCodeGen + is also a fast and efficient code reader, just by pointing. You can save the code for later viewing, or you can access it right away.

QRCodeGen + lets you change the colors of the QR code as well as the background. You can also change the name, or place a logo of your choice in the center of your QRCode.

You can simply point the camera at the text you want, take a photo, and quickly create your QRCode. You can also speech your text.

The App also allows, among other things, save the image in Photos, in Files, or print directly.

You can see your QRCodes directly on the Widget and on your Apple Watch.

QrCodeGen + is completely free of advertising or in app purchases.
Paulo Correia