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QR Code Reader Barcode Scanner

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QR Code Reader Barcode Scanner

iPhone & iPad essential app, simple and easy to use!

QR code barcode is a free mobile barcode scanner that allows users to identify QR codes/barcodes.

Instantly sweeping, sweeping the price, smooth, direct, simple and fast.

1. Simple, stylish UI interface

2. The fastest scanning speed

Automatically recognized QR code and barcode

1. Support various QR codes and barcode scanning

2. Attention is focused on the pursuit of ultra-fast recognition speed, the success rate of ultra-high scanning

3. Fast and easy, it is our consistent design philosophy

4. Built-in browser

This is the fastest QR code scanning and decoding tool, which guarantees the fastest software and decoding. Continuous optimization algorithm and optimized query time. In the actual use process, strive for every millisecond for the user! Focus on QR code decoding and generation services. The best time to focus on doing the best.
Yang Zongqun