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Qoros cloud ® - start a new realm of car life

The convenience and new social car life brought by qoros cloud ® opens a new relationship with the world.

● only more convenient
In order to provide more convenient car life, qoros cloud ® evolved from a navigation tool to a life tool. We constantly make the trip planning more intelligent, car owners can keep track of the car condition, management of car maintenance fees, and booking 4S services.

● connect with people who have opinions
Qoros yayun brings you together with your fellow riders who have a point of view. After finding other car friends and adding them as friends in the circle of car friends, you can easily set up a group to launch activities such as self-driving tour and share your car life. You can also pick up TA at any time in the WeChat group of friends!

● qoros to you and me
Car owners can always get the help of small helpers. In order to thank qoros owners for their recognition of us, we use the accumulated points system to create the qoros cloud currency system, so that you can enjoy our qoros quality products and more car life in the qoros market.

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