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QLIPP is the world’s first smart dampener that measures every part of your stroke. The data captured by QLIPP is transferred wirelessly to the app in real-time. From providing session by session progress tracking to utilizing the phone’s camera for video analysis, the app can help you identify error to develop a stronger swing.

- QLIPP attaches directly to the string of any tennis racquet.
- Unleash you fullest potential with real-time stroke by stroke analysis in the play mode.
- See yourself from a new perspective through the video mode. Playback in slow-motion so that you are able to correct your posture to create that perfect stroke.
- Scrutinize your serve by breaking down the time duration of your racquet preparation, racquet acceleration and corresponding follow through in the serve mode.
- Review how you performed at the end of the game with a detailed overview of all the recorded strokes.
- Match your skills with other players worldwide through the QLIPP community.
- Customize the ball type, grip type and racquet weight for better accuracy of stroke analysis.
- Know how much calories you burn after each session.
- Set goals and collect achievement badges along the way.

Apple Watch:
- View the stats of each stroke as you play on the court through your Apple Watch.
- Monitor your Heart Rate as you play. Recorded Heart Rate is saved in the Apple Health app.

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