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Qbo is a capsule system that combines premium coffee with the latest smart home technology. Our twelve first-class coffees and the smart extension to the machine using the Qbo App will allow you to indulge in your very own coffee experience at home as if it had been prepared by your favorite barista.

Coffee is about getting the setting right
With the Qbo App, you can simply set how much coffee, hot or cold milk and froth you want in your coffee yourself. Our machine offers you every possibility to prepare your favorite coffee. And then you can use the app to enjoy this creation wherever you find Qbo. The only requirement is that your smartphone must be connected to the same Wi-Fi as the Qbo Machine.
And if ever you don't really fancy setting everything yourself, then just rely on your Qbo Machine's good taste. It will give you helpful tips on preparing your coffee and recommendations for coffee varieties – as if you had your own personal barista on hand all the time. With the Qbo App you can start brewing your favorite coffee from the app, time your brew up to seven days in advance (e.g. just as you're getting up in the morning!).

Your very own machine
As soon as you connect your Qbo Machine to the Wi-Fi, you can prepare your coffee using your own recipe. As the Manager of a Wi-Fi-linked Qbo Machine, you can save your very own drinks creations on the machine, to have them ready to brew even if you haven't got your cellphone with you.
With the Bring my coffee service coffee you only need a push of a button to have new capsules delivered to you. Simply create a shopping basket with your favorite varieties in the app – and next time there's a coffee shortage, just press the button on the machine to order fresh supplies.
Your favorite coffee should always taste like your favorite coffee. That's why your Qbo Machine automatically reminds you in good time when it wants to be cleaned or descaled. To do this, simply follow the step-by-step instructions for looking after your machine. In this way, you'll extend the working life of your machine and ensure that your coffee always tastes exactly as you like it.

The Qbo Profile
You can use the Qbo App with or without a profile. However, as a Qbo machine owner with a profile you profit from Qbo promotions, receive little surprises and activate additional app features such as:
- “Bring my coffee” service
- Qbo Rewards
- Brew activities and machine statistics
You not only can enjoy great coffee moments but get rewarded, too. Each coffee that runs through your machine brings you closer to your next desired reward. For every 10th coffee you receive 1 point, with 25 points collected you can redeem your first reward.
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