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Share love. Celebrate Friendship. Giving is a Gift. Join with family & friends to crowdfund gifts.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years eve or St. Valentine’s? We’ve got your back.

GIFT CROWDFUNDING & GROUP PAYMENTS: Start a purchase, invite your family and friends, see confirmations coming through in real time, and complete the purchase. Got $100? Be a team. Make it $500!

TOP BRANDS: Popular gift card brands already available and more to come. Purchase gift cards to use them at basically every major online and offline US retailer you could think of. Treat yourself to iconic steak house experience, vacation deals, hotels and luxury cruises. From kids’ goods to golf, from electronics, home basics and furniture to flowers, we’ve got them all.

DIGITAL: Redeem gift cards straight from your phone screen. Send any gift card you’ve received to any of your friends in just seconds. Share the love.

SECURE: Secure: Robust passwords, two-step authorization. Protect your payments with FaceID, TouchID or a passcode.

ZERO TOLERANCE TO FRAUD: Secure ACH payments authorized straight through your bank, in your name. We never keep your banking credentials. Full piece of mind.

Okay you still love that airline mile credit card. Secure credit card connection is coming next month. And yes, Apple Pay.

NO MORE GAMES WITH REWARDS: instant rewards to your “cash-back points wallet” with every purchase. It’s as good as cash. What you see is what you get.

Get $5 in Qalize Cash-Back Points on connecting a bank account.

Build up your “Wallet” balance and use it to buy gift cards and make other payments with Qalize.


- Close a restaurant check by walking out of the door. Complete a payment in a store by just coming next to the counter. No more swiping or tapping. Magic.

- Imagine opening a bar tab by just standing next to the bar and then being in total control of what you are ordering

- Forget about “collecting your loyalty and gift card in one place”. You don’t even have to think about that. All of that is linked into a single, seamless payment transaction.
Qalize International Limited