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Move beyond mobile payments. Welcome to your new financial hub. Qalize is the game changer.

Qalize is more than just a payment app. More than a card substitute. Qalize is your finances connected like never before. You are in control - pay in stores and restaurants, pay online, instant cash back, funds transfers, detailed spending, zero transaction fees and full spending stats - simply put Qalize does it all!

Qalize is the solution for all your daily financial transactions.

Connect any bank account securely to Qalize via our partner, Dwolla. Qalize does away with credit card processing, relying instead on direct bank transfers. This way no personal data is transferred to anyone you are shopping with. This also eliminates card fees allowing your merchants to provide you with amazing instant cash back and so much more.

Paying in restaurants with Qalize Code.

Paying in restaurants has never been so easy. Find the Qalize code on your bill, enter the code in the app, press pay and you are done. Never wait for a terminal again.

Pay in store using Scan to Pay

Scan your unique Qalize barcode in store and – beep - you’re done. Totally secure, totally easy. A new shopping experience. A total revolution!

Amazing Payment Sharing Functionality

A fantastically easy-to-use collective payments interface allowing splitting bills or purchases in real time. Enjoy your meal. Split up the food and drinks. You all pick up the tab. You control your money. Imagine that!

Easy Online Checkout with Qalize Pad

With no credit card or bank details shared online and confirmed by the Qalize Code, you have never been safer.

Loyalty equals money with Qalize Instant Cash-Back

Qalize will find the deals. Get instant cash-back on every merchant campaign purchase. Turn around and use it. No waiting. Could it be easier?

Zero transaction fees

No transaction fees for merchants means savings are returned to the customer.

Customer stats like never before

Unparalleled customer knowledge through detailed statistics on spending and itemized breakdowns of goods purchased. Everything you need to know about your money, in real time.

Unmatched Security

Your security cannot be comprised. Each and every transaction has to be approved by you. Your money remains in your bank account. Utilizing military grade ACH security, no payment sensitive data is kept on your device or transferred to merchants.
Currently available in Illinois. Other states and countries coming soon.
Qalize International Limited