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Python PTS

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Python PTS

The most advanced Health and Fitness application in the world.

Python PTS (Performance Training System) uses haptic and audio feedback patterns to keep users aware of the current time during their workouts, therefore removing the need for users to have to LOOK at the time. This is a groundbreaking feature that has forever changed the way training is done for swimmers, runners, weight lifters, and more.

Python PTS is also baked with intelligence, and randomly speeds up its timer to keep users training harder. Users can choose from four difficulties to determine how fast their PTS timer will push them, or can opt to have regular speed.

Along with all of this, Python PTS integrates with Apple Health to allow users to view heart rate data, caloric data, distance data, steps taken, and swimming strokes taken during workouts.

Download the most innovative concept for Health and Fitness software in the market, Python PTS.
Zachary Makar