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Purple Bureau Communication

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Purple Bureau Communication

Purple Bureau is a communication & HR SaaS mobile application that will help you & your employees enjoying an exceptional new experience that ensures effective communication & engagement.

*Employees listing
*Serious gaming
*Vacations requests
*Sales force Tracking
*Shared Calendars
*Mobile Attendance Signature
We wish you a great experience with Purple Bureau and excited to receive your requests and feedback on [email protected]

You can easily achieve this in just 4 very simple steps:
1- Start your Purple Bureau HR SAAS.
2- Pick the package that best suits you.
3- Be heard and add value.
4- Evaluate effectiveness of your app.

A lot of companies are lacking smooth interaction between its employees. Communication is a major hinder to the advancement of the companies worldwide. We have decided to create a tool that becomes the business Swiss knife of the employees and management to better collaborate and be informed.

The main application objective will be:
1- Smooth communication between employees with a guarantee of flow of information between the management and the employees from two side. This will cover company news, employees news, simple messaging, vacation request, salary notification, etc..

2- The retention of the employees. The application should add some activities that will help the employees enjoying their existence in the company. Few tools will exists to challenge group context between the employees. We want to make the employees better at their place by raising their loyalty. Once the employees like the place they will, consequently, stay longer in the company. We have added Trivia gaming and chatting rooms for the employees excitement.

3- A Dashboard at the backend for the employers to see the KPIs like:
a.Top 10 scored of the business games
b.Vacation Rate/ per month
c. Casual vacation rate/ per month
d.Turnover rate.
e. Etc….