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Say it with a sticker. Pundit gives you the freedom to surprise friends, laugh together, and leave your artistic mark along the way.

Stickify yourself! Turn any selfie into a sticker. Simply snap a photo and watch the background magically disappear! Then, get creative with fun animation and visual effects. And of course, you can share your sticker masterpiece anywhere.

There are hundreds of top-notch, animated stickers to discover from your favorite stars, artists, and brands in the Sticker Shop. Not only can you chat with these stickers on Pundit, but you can also add them to your photos and videos to share anywhere.

Pundit comes with core messaging features, too. Chat with friends and groups using text, photo, video, voice, GIFs, and of course, your very own stickers.

NOTE: For older devices, the Sticker Cam may take slightly longer to extract the background.

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