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Pulse Tags

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Pulse Tags

Pulse Tags is a simple yet powerful Apple Watch app to track changes in your daily heart rate.

In many cases changes in heart rate can be caused by things like stress, caffeine or flu/other diseases. In such cases you can choose to tag the specific heart rate event and use Pulse Tags to keep track of how often for example stress has caused your heart rate to elevate.

Pulse Tags requires an Apple Watch with watchOS 8 or later. Pulse Tags integrates with the Health app and uses data stored in the Health app.

Key features:
-See how your hourly heart rate (bpm) averages compare to your seven day hourly averages.
-Use the Digital Crown on your Apple Watch to scroll between different values.
-See detailed heart rate values recorded within the selected hour.
-Add Pulse Tags as complications on your Apple Watch faces to see updated heart rate data directly on your watch faces.
-Get notified if your hourly heart rate average is significantly higher or lower than usual. Please note that notifications and complication updates can get delayed or even blocked. Keep Pulse Tags as a complication on your active watch face to ensure better notification performance.
-Tag heart rate changes with a possible cause or symptom. You can also tag heart rate changes directly from the notification.
-Browse full history of tagged heart rate values.
-Add and edit notes to tagged heart rate values.
-Privacy: Information read by Pulse Tags is only used locally on your Apple Watch and iPhone while relevant data is synced to your personal iCloud. This data can not be accessed by anyone else but you.
-Tutorial and in-app purchases on iPhone.

If you have any questions we will happily help you:
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