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Pulse is a breathing and meditation app that helps you to fall asleep faster and have a more relaxed sleep. With the help of guided relaxation and a calming breath visualisation, you can simply doze off into a warm and comfy sleep within sixty seconds. It can even help to prevent cardiovascular problems.

Stress at work, school or uni? Stressed at home?

Use the relaxation-program (used by military groups to reduce stress in battlefield situations) to release the natural sedatives of the body and become laser-focused again within a minute.

Pulse features...

- Calming and satisfying breath visualisation
- An eye-caring dark mode that enables itself in dark environments
- Apple HealthKit-integration
- Optional breathing reminders that help you build a habit out of relaxation

What the media say...

"Doze off into a warm and comfy sleep in only one minute. [...]
"Pulse is optically pleasing - no unnecessary or distracting elements. Even the minimalistic and nicely balanced design supports relaxation, stress release and falling asleep."
A2G3 Media inc