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ATTENTION: To use this app, it is highly recommended that you are using a fitness tracker which tracks your heart rate, steps, energy consumption etc.!

Pulsation allows you to check your heart rate at any time you want. It shows your heart rate for the whole day, you can even chose a day from the past to show you the information of any other day you want.

Pulsation also allows you to check all your workouts you made! You can look at all the information from a single workout, like the total distance, how many calories you have burnt and - of course - hour heart rate!

Your Workouts are automatically associated with the type of the workout, e.g. Walking, Running, Swimming etc.

If you want to track your sleep and see when you sleep best, then Pulsation is everything you need. You can see how much you moved at night and how high your heart rate was.

Pulsation will be made bigger and better regularly. If you have any problems, wishes or found a bug, please send me a message - check out my support-website (Developer's website).

Hint: This app uses the Health app from Apple to access your health data (iOS8 and later).
Stefan Riedler