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PULSALARM supports you in your pulse-based training. You can exercise with your favourite fitness or running app as you like at the same time. All you need to do is install PULSALARM on your Apple Watch.

Features of the iPhone App:
- Calculation of your maximum heart rate
- Individual calculation of the 5 intensity ranges (depending on your maximum heart rate)
- Setting the maximum and minimum pulse limit
- Large display of the current pulse
Important note: without the use with an Apple Watch, the functional range of the app is limited, as no permanent pulse measurement can be carried out.

Features of the Apple Watch App:
- Vibration and/or beep when the set pulse limits are reached
- Vibration and/or signal tone when returning to the set pulse range
- Pulse limits can be deactivated individually
- Large, easy to read display of the current pulse
- Fast adjustment of pulse limits (also possible while running)
- Works together with all known fitness, training and running apps that can be started on the Apple Watch
- Does not write data to Apple Health
- You can use the app on your Apple Watch without having your iPhone with you

No advertising, no tracking, no third-party codes. Developed with passion and programmed in Germany.

Why use PULSALARM additionally?
Many running apps include the pace as a target in their training plans. However, the same speed can mean a high intensity for one person and a low intensity for another. It is therefore helpful to consider your heart rate instead of speed to determine and maintain the right training intensity. 
PULSALARM helps you to do this. It turns your Apple Watch into a heart rate monitor.

What is the big advantage?
You no longer have to look at your Apple Watch during your workout and still know whether you are exercising within your personal heart rate zone. Also ideal in colder months, when your Apple Watch is hidden under a jacket or long-sleeved shirt and you can't look directly at the display while running.

For whom is PULSALARM suitable?
- Ideal for run beginners, as they can control themselves better and protect themselves from overstraining.
- Ideal for ambitious runners, as they can train more specifically in their intensity ranges and thus increase endurance and performance.
- For all athletes and fitness enthusiasts who are interested in heart rate monitoring during their training with their Apple Watch.

With the PULSALARM app on the iPhone you can determine your 5 intensity ranges based on your maximum heart rate. You can enter your maximum heart rate directly or have it calculated. Set your personal maximum heart rate limit, which you do not want to exceed during training, and your minimum heart rate limit. When these limits are reached, your Apple Watch will alert you by vibrating and/or beeping.
Bernd Rudmann