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Track your paddleboarding routes and workouts - right there on the water using your Apple Watch.

Pudlr requires an Apple Watch Series 2 or later! Tracking with iPhone is not (yet) supported!

Your Apple Watch is perfect to keep an eye on your fitness everywhere - even on the water. Standup paddleboarding, kayaking, Canoeing, rowing, rafting, or whatever else you can do on the water: With Pudlr you just put your Apple Watch an, press start and Pudlr takes it from there. In-depth routes, heart rate, burned calories, time, and more are tracked and can be viewed on your iPhone.

- Track in-depth information while you're on the water using your Apple Watch
- View past sessions on your iPhone
- Supports Apple Health, Activity and your daily rings on your Apple Watch
- Modern interface design that keeps it intuitive and simple
- Your data belongs to you: Nothing that Pudlr records leaves your devices
- Leave your phone at home while paddleboarding to save it from a horrible water death
- Makes the best from your devices: Pudlr supports the most recent features like water lock, pressing both side buttons on your Apple Watch to pause a workout, routes in Apple Health, and more
- We all know those Apple Watch apps that just don't live up to expectations. Pudlr was designed from the ground up for the best possible performance on Apple Watch
- No subscriptions or in-app purchases: Buy, Use, Love.
Mario Schreiner