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Pubmed Book List

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Pubmed Book List


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- Pubmed Book List is a quick viewer for you to read medical or science paper from Pubmed.

~ What features? ~
- AI Robo analyze some paper depending on Keywords and Scorewords.
- Papers are scored by AI Robo.
- You can easily determine which papers you should read.

~ Procedure ~
1. Set score words from the button of SCOREWORD.
2. Turn the list to ADD NEW and type some score words on yellow text field *1
3. Go back to top page
4. Tap the button of SEARCH to search some paper with keywords.
5. PMID will be shown at the lower list. *2
6. Turn the list to specific PMID.
7. Score AI Robo calculates will be shown at the top with the title and abstract. *3
*1 AI Robo will analyze title or abstract with these score words.
*2 PMID is the specific ID of Pubmed for the paper you searched.
*3 The score changes according to your score words.
kobunachou ozawa