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by Psyton
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by Psyton
Use Psylfy to take photos using custom timing or voice controls with your mobile device. Psylfy was designed to help you capture the moment better using different camera modes and alleviate some of the common problems associated with taking photos from your mobile device.


Animated GIFs - Create animated GIFs from the photos you have taken or imported from other applications. Add drawings, text, or emojis to each frame to create animations.

Review On Complete - After taking a group of photos you can immediately choose whether to keep or delete the images.

Review Mode - Take a photo and be presented with a small preview of the image and decide to keep the photo or discard it and take another. Tap on the preview thumb to see a larger representation of the photo and optionally save it from there.

Voice Controls - Tell Psylfy to "Take Five" and the app will immediately take five photos using the currently active camera. Tell Psylfy to "Burst One In Thirty Seconds" and the app will perform a burst operation thirty seconds later.

Double Take Mode - When using the Double Take mode Psylfy will take a photo using the currently active camera, then immediately switch to the opposite camera and t/Source/Psyton/Psylfy-Watch-Feature/Psylfy WatchKit App/Resources/AppIcons/AppStoreIcon.pngake another photo. Perfect for when you want to capture your surroundings or if you want pictures of two people sitting across from each other.

Timing Controls - Use the timing controls to set how many times you would like an action performed and how long to wait before executing it. Set a countdown to take some photos and then hand off your device so someone else can take your picture and now there is no need for anyone to figure out which button to push or what to do. Set and shoot.

Draw - Add text or simple shapes to your photos to give them some personality or to call out that interesting thing about the image.

Share - Email, text, print, save to the photo library, or upload your photos to popular cloud services.

Organize - All photos are initially stored by the date they are taken, but after that you can move the photos into new collections to keep them organized the way you want for quick reference.

Apple Watch - From your Apple Watch you can control Psylfy if it is currently active or through app handoff. You can also review your photos and perform actions on them such as tweeting the photo or posting the photo to Facebook. You can also rotate and delete your photos from the watch app.

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