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PsychonautWiki Journal

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PsychonautWiki Journal

PsychonautWiki Journal is the most accessible way to get harm reduction information such as dosage, duration and interaction information on psychoactive substances (Caffeine, Myristicin, ...) directly from PsychonautWiki.

Before you ingest a substance:
1. Check with your doctor before making any medical decisions.
2. Read the linked PsychonautWiki article for information on the wanted and unwanted effects of a substance to help you evaluate the risks and make a more informed decision.
3. Add the substance in the app, so you can get accurate dose info and be notified of dangerous interactions with substances relevant to you (e.g Alcohol, Birth Control, Antidepressants, ...) or other substances you have taken within the same experience.

Substance information always stays up to date with a direct link to PsychonautWiki.


Journaling your substance use makes it easier for you to be more aware of your habits and consumption behaviour.
As your substance experiences accumulate you can get an overview and more objectively evaluate if there is a problematic consumption pattern.

PsychonautWiki Journal's timeline, watch app/complication and ingestion overview can also help you estimate the current effect of your ingested substance.


- Educate yourself on the effects of the substance being consumed
- Measure accurate dosages
- Take the time to chemically test all your substances to determine purity and strength
- Don't drive, operate heavy machinery or otherwise avoid being directly or indirectly responsible for the safety or care of another person while intoxicated
- Have a trusted person with you when taking substances with which you are not familiar
- Don't attempt to trick or persuade anyone to use a substance they are not willing to use
- Don't allow substance use to overshadow other aspects of your life or responsibilities
- Be morally conscious of the source of your substances
Isaak Hanimann