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Pryme Vessyl

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Pryme Vessyl

*This app is designed to accompany your Pryme Vessyl, but can be used without.

Pryme for your moments of greatness.

Pryme Vessyl automatically tracks and displays your unique hydration needs, so that you are always at your Pryme: helping you stay mentally sharp and physically strong.

PRYME is your personal hydration metric. It takes into account your height, weight, location, age and sex. PRYME also includes ever-changing factors like your activity level, hours of sleep, and more.

Mental Balance
- Improve your concentration, alertness, and short-term memory.

Physical Endurance
- Improve your endurance by keeping your muscles working efficiently.

Weight Management
- Increase your metabolism and lessen the urge for empty calories.

Better Skin
- Keep your skin healthy and resilient through proper hydration.

More Energy
- Optimal hydration gives you more efficient blood flow.

Immunity Boost
- Stay hydrated to help your body fight illnesses and infection.

Real-time personalized insights, notifications, and goal setting will keep you be engaged and empowered to stay at your Pryme.

Drinking from your Pryme Vessyl will automatically update the discrete display and the accompanying app.

A major contributor to your hydration is activity.

Whether you bike, lift weights, or simply walk to work each day, Pryme Vessyl will connect with activity trackers and smart watches to let you know how close you are to your Pryme.

This App currently works with all versions of Apple Watch and Jawbone UP.

Apple Health app: You can share your water consumption with the Apple Health app to get a full picture of your overall health.

You can activate Apple Health water logging in Settings > Preferences > Send Drink Data to Apple Health.

What goes up should stay up. Your hydration needs will naturally change during the day. Once you see the blue Pryme light, you are Prymed for your moments of greatness.
Mark One