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Provert converter

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Provert converter

The most powerful and complete converter on iOS.

1,354 units in 35 categories: acceleration, area, audio, capacitance, charge, currency, current, data rate, density, energy, force, frequency, fuel, inductance, length, luminosity, magn field, mass, mass flow, power, prefixes, pressure, radiation, radioactivity, resistance, shoe size, storage, temperature, time, tip, torque, voltage, volume, volume flow.


- Full currency converter with up to the minute live rates and 156 currencies.
- Conversion to units dating back to ancient Greece, ancient Rome, and the Bible! Support for traditional units used in China, Japan, Thailand, Old France, Old Germany, Old Portugal, Old Spain, and more.
- Integrated tip generator with splitting option.
- Fast access to units: per category and combined histories of conversions a single tap away.
- Elegant, fluid, and efficient interface color coded for a fast and easy workflow.
- Copy/paste conversions.

The only converter you will ever need.