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ProRunApp is an app for runners who want to follow easily training plans required to complete or improve time on long endurance events like marathon.

It works by allowing simple input on the iPhone of complex training sequences that are then used on the Apple Watch.

In addition, ProRunApp allows to monitor your progress across runs on metrics such as average heart rate and pace.

An Apple Watch is required to get the most of ProRunApp features.


Q: How can I track my runs using the ProRunApp?
A: You need an Apple Watch (series 1 or 2) to track your runs using the ProRunApp. Install ProRunApp on your watch using the Watch application

Q: I don't have an Apple Watch. Can I still use the ProRunApp?
A: Yes! You can track your runs using an other app (as long as it logs data to HealthKit) and use the ProRunApp to follow your training.

Q: Can I use an chest band instead of the Apple Watch to monitor my heart rate?
A: Yes, it is possible as long as your chest band is logging information to HealthKit. We confirmed that "wahoo" TICKR model works.
Miho Matsuoka