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NOTE: This iPhone app is for subscribers of PropertyRadar. Valid login credentials are required. PropertyRadar covers California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.

PropertyRadar makes targeted local marketing easy. Access over 20 million detailed property and owner information records curated from public records and enhanced by 100s of additional data sources. Easily organize properties and owner information into targeted prospect lists for direct marketing and immediate alert notifications.

Features include:

Never miss a deal. Get mobile notifications about properties and owners you target pushed directly to your iPhone. Alert settings on Lists allow for mobile notification alerts on New Matches and/or Status Changes for any List you’ve set up for Property Search, Foreclosure Search, Trustee Sale Schedule, Transfer Search, and Listing Search. Use in conjunction with daily email digests and immediate email alerts.

Search and access key public record details on any property by just entering the address, or find all the properties owned by an individual by simply entering their name. Details available include property characteristics, ownership details, listing information, transaction history, and foreclosure history.

Convenient access to all of your Lists with grid summary, card, and map views to give you details in the format you need. From Absentee Owners to Underwater Owners, Free and Clear to Preforeclosure Notice of Default, whether you have one List or one hundred, use the PropertyRadar mobile app to keep the Lists that make you money in your pocket.

Explore, identify, and visualize markets with dozens of data-driven views! Turn on GPS and drive your market. Have you ever wondered how many properties in a neighborhood are underwater, or in foreclosure? Been curious about which areas of town have the highest home prices? The most rentals? Where people tend to stay longer? Old subdivisions versus new? Explore instantly answers these questions and more.

The only iPhone app that actively tracks every foreclosure auction in California telling you exactly what is coming up for auction, when and where. Continual updates throughout the day keep you up to speed on opening bids, postponements, cancellations, and sales.

View key public records data on individual properties, analyze property investment strategies, and save the details you need including photos, tags, notes status and interest level.

Whether you’re looking for rich, detailed, information on a single property, or want to find every property that matches your specific criteria, PropertyRadar delivers. Whether by location, value, equity, owner-occupancy, for sale, for rent or even just beds and baths, our search criteria will help you find exactly the properties you are targeting.

The world’s best foreclosure search. Period. Powerful search with time-sensitive data, exclusive auction updates and exactly the details you need to take action and make a deal.

See beyond the MLS. Our public records based transfer search will show you what’s happening behind the scenes. Pocket listing sales. Cash transactions. Flips. Bulk sales. Residential and commercial. Market and non-market. Distressed and non-distressed. How do you know what’s happening in your market without it?

What PropertyRadar Subscribers Need to Know
The PropertyRadar iPhone app is a complement to our online application. We’ve mirrored most of the features in our online application within this mobile app to give you the key search criteria you’ll likely need in the field plus the ability to instantly see nearby results while easily gathering photos and notes along the way.
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