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PromptRemote is made to control PrompterPal running on an iPad. PromptRemote provides control of speed, scroll position, shuttle wheel, play/ pause, fast-forward and rewind control, start over and timer controls, markers, file loading and provides timer feedback.

PromptRemote can control PrompterPal over wifi or bluetooth. No configuration necessary, just select the device you want to control from a list of surrounding devices running PrompterPal.

The remote is updated periodically and when necessary to keep it in sync with the PrompterPal it is controlling.

The Settings allow for the controls to be enabled or disabled and sound effects for aural feedback.

Note: PromptRemote does not work as a remote for any app or iPhone feature except for PrompterPal.

The original iPhone and first generation iPod touch are compatible over wifi only, blue tooth connectivity is not supported by these devices.
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