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>>> Welcome To Pro Race - Vehicle Performance App <<<

• Pro Race is a LIVE monitoring system that allows you to place your device in you vehicle and it will track what your BHP, 0-60, 0-100, 1/4 Mile Time and Speed and also your Top Speed reached. This is all captured while you race a 1/4 mile straight or around a track

• Pro Race includes an all new Circuit Lap Tracker. This feature monitors you while you race around a track or sprint and then allows you to review exactly where and what speeds you were doing at certain points, using a map layout where it has monitored your vehicle.

• Both 1/4 mile runs and circuit tracker have been built to include a new Dash Cam that records while you race.

• Pro Race - Changing the way Vehicle Performance and Racing Skills and even your sound systems are improved and tuned. And best of all it’s !!! FREE !!! to download with !!! FREE !!! Experience period once activated.

• Unlike other apps Pro Race DOES NOT require any additional plugin adaptors or wires to monitor your performance and Your Racing reaction times.

• Pro Race has a range of Unique and Awesome Vehicle performance and Racing options. We have included some amazing features for you to use and also a way to help improve your racing skills, record your races or even tune up or show off your sound system with a wide range of sound system test tracks.

• We find that the Vehicles Performance feature really helps racers become faster and better on the track. It allows them to try new ways to get that little bit faster whilst the app tracks things like the vehicles BHP being used and reaction times of the line. This means racers can quickly see when something is an improvement to the vehicle or their methods of racing. Winning's Winning!!!

• Pro Race introduces it’s unique Vehicle Performance System. The Performance Pack is cram packed with Awesome Features and Real Time performance monitoring (With NO additional adaptors or wires required!) The Vehicle performance Data System captures the following data:-

• Vehicles BHP
• A Unique Dyno Graph - For displaying your vehicles performance data
• The Vehicles Current Speed (mph)
• The Vehicles Max, AVG and Slowest Speeds Achieved
• 1/4 Mile Time and Exit Speed
• 0 - 60 (mph) Time
• 0 - 100 (mph) Time
• 60 - 100 (mph) Time
• Full Lap monitor

• Practice Drag Tree
- Vehicle movement controlled and can tell you your reaction time off the line. This is great for any Drag Racer that want's to achieve that perfect start each and every time.
- Fully Customisable Drag Tree OR simply select from available default locations including:-
º Santa Pod - RWYB
º North Wealds - RWYB
º York Race Way - RWYB
º York Race Way - Sportsman

• User & Vehicle Stats
- Holds Max and average performance data

• General Dash Cam
– To Record all your Races

• Display Gauges
- Nice display of 4 gauges to show off on your dash

• Sound Lab
- To allow your Sound System to be tuned and pushed to it’s max loudness with a wide selection of different Speaker and Subwoofer test tracks

• Vehicle Data and Reminders
- Holds all your vehicles data Including reminders for your MOT’s, Tax and Service due dates. Notifies you 3 times leading up to the due dates, to warn you they are due and helps stop you missing any of them in the future.
- Add as many vehicles you require. There really is no limit.

• Online Shop
- Allows users to buy a range of products including hoodies, stickers and much more.

• User Settings
- Allows the user to configure the app to their needs. Including some cool additional features like voice assist, Drag Tree custom settings and default location settings.

• In App Shop
- Allows the user to purchase Pro Race branded items.

• Includes Apple Watch interface
- Allows quick access, reminders and notifications.

• Includes iMessage Sticker pack
- A all new fun Sticker pack.

• Support
- You can find us on FaceBook:
- We are always here to help
Twisted Solutions Limited