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With the prisma APP you can track your sleep therapy when you use a compatible prisma device for (auto) CPAP therapy. After each therapy session, your device automatically uploads data to prismaCLOUD. You can then view important information about your therapy at your convenience.

In addition to personalized data, prisma APP provides you with helpful tips and knowledge about disease for long-term therapy comfort and success.

prisma APP provides all of the following:
• Detailed daily feedback about your treatment and your therapy results to help track your therapy progress
• Personalized treatment management by setting personal goals and create an own therapy diary to record notes on therapy and sleep
• A therapy summary report to keep for your records or to share
• Possibility to control your device remotely and to adjust comfort settings of your device just from the bad*

*only for prisma SMART/SOFT devices with built-in Bluetooth module (type max and plus).

Note: prisma APP is available for all sleep therapy devices by Löwenstein Medical ("prisma" devices), but the possibility to control device remotely is available only for the type max and plus built-in Bluetooth module.
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