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Printing Tape Calculator for iPad and iPhone

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Printing Tape Calculator for iPad and iPhone

Your Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad calculator needs are covered by this app that prints through Airprint and Emails.

Apple Watch functionality includes:
Voice input of numbers.
Touch input of operations add, subtract, multiply, show tape, and send tape to iPhone.

iphone and iPad functionality includes:
Easy to use calculator with "virtual paper tape" and printing capabilities.
Operation keys light up to indicate the pending operation.
Includes the "-" key to easily input a negative number.
Press the "+ Tax" button to add tax to your subtotal when you are adding money.
You have a choice of 6 background colors.
Just press the "help" button when you need help.
Will not show scientific notation.
Precision of decimals is accurate to 12 places.
Display will show 38 digits.
Requires Airprint enabled printer or equivalent to print
Tape can be Emailed if Email is activated on your iPad or iPhone.
Gary Robinson