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A podcast player with the user in mind. Actually, I’ve built it exactly the way I wanted a podcast player to work, for myself. As an experiment that grew into something more. Still a hobby, but with a passion. I hope you like it. It’s completely free, with no ads.

These are the features I wanted a podcast player to have, so I built it. In order of importance, to me.

- Free, no ads
- Only the important stuff, no fluff.
- Small media player with always accessible controls.
- Automatic continuous playback from a smart playlist created from the downloaded episodes.
- Always knowing which new episodes are available to me.
- Starting the playback with a single tap.
- Checking for new episodes automatically or manually with a single tap.
- Quick navigation, easy to access podcast options and general settings.
- Built-in web browser.
- Automatic dark/light mode.
- Searching for podcasts by keywords
- Wi-Fi only mode.
- Automatically deleting downloads for played episodes.
- Sorting options: Oldest or Newest episodes first.
- Discovering the most popular podcasts via categories.
- Adding podcasts from RSS links.
- Customizable forward and backward jump times.
- Custom artworks.
- Sorting priorities.
- Downloading episodes while listening to something else.
- Streaming without downloading.
- Video podcast support.
- Macs with m1 chip compatibility.
- Sharing podcast links to others.
- Bigger full screen player with more controls when needed..
- A simple way to deleted downloaded episodes