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Price Watch

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Price Watch

Now with Price Watch 2.0 - on your Apple Watch! Never miss a sale again - get up to the minute prices from your iPhone & Apple Watch. Use your iPhone to save items, and then view up to date prices on your Watch.

Price Watch - Never miss a sale again!

With Price Watch you can save an item, track its price, and instantly learn when a sale or price hike happens!

Thinking about buying some new gifts, but don’t need to buy them right away? Add them to Price Watch - and learn whenever they go on sale! Price Watch will tell you the sale price, and how much % off an item is!

Price Watch works with nearly ALL online retailers. Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, Finish Line, Best Buy, Champs, New Egg, Etsy, and MANY more! If a website displays a price on it - our app can track the prices!

With 'Price Watch Live' you can pull down from the top of your screen and instantly see your most up-to-date prices, anywhere, anytime! Browsing Facebook, or playing a game, and need to see your prices? Simple - pull down and check! (this is shown in the first screenshot above)

If you like what you see in the screenshots, consider buying Price Watch - because $0.99 is nothing compared to the deals and savings you’ll be finding!

Price Watch will be updating as often as possible, and if you have any feedback please email us at [email protected] - we will gladly assist you with any problems you encounter, or even take suggestions that you may have.
Hunter Harris