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Pressure Altimeter

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Pressure Altimeter

Pressure Altimeter converts your device's barometric pressure sensor reading to an altitude above sea level.
Requires iPad Air 2, iPhone 6, or Apple Watch Series 3 or newer for pressure sensor capability.

Now you can monitor your elevation or cabin altitude accurately and in real time.
Works in airplane mode. No GPS required.

We have also included a vertical speed display so you can see the rate that you are climbing or descending.


- Altimeter setting (inHg or hPa/millibars.)
- Altitude display in either feet or meters.
- Vertical speed in feet per minute or meters per second.
- Vertical speed direction (up/down) and warning if excessive rate detected.
- Saves Maximum and Minimum altitudes reached.
- Includes Apple Watch support.

Note: A current altimeter setting for your location is required in order to convert the pressure reading into an accurate altitude.
Lonnie Ganz