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Will you become the President of the United States of America?

A smart, intuitive and entertaining game tailored for the maximum Apple Watch experience (requires an Apple Watch to play).

President: Path to Power comes from an experienced team of authors and offers fun yet chilling look into the world of top politics. It doesn’t judge on good or bad or take sides with any party. There are many routes to the finish line, but most important is to enjoy the political race!

This app is designed exclusively for you! As a modern politician, you manage your entire career on Apple Watch. On the journey, you will taste the influence of wealth, fame and change the lives of millions. You will experience success, failure, intrigues, friendship and maybe love...Will you take a stand or bow to the masses? Are you ready to affect the fate of the world? Will you bear the weight of your decisions?


On your path to the power, you will earn the favor of your voters, gain finances for your campaigns and develop your influence in the party. You start as a local businessman and councilor and if you make the right decisions you can quickly become the mayor, governor or Secretary and you can even run for the President. Every single decision can influence your future career as the game dynamically adapts to your decisions.

Depending on your choices, assistant Molly or Brad will guide you through game options. You also have a team of advisors for each decision you make. They are Fred, the secretary for all party affairs, financial advisor Jake and public opinion specialist Kate. On your way to the top, you will make both allies and enemies who can significantly influence your career.


- People will love you, corporations will flatter you and party members may even fear you.
- Help people, inspire your country, but also intimidate, compromise and maybe take a bribe or ten.
- You will be invited to wild celebrity parties, perhaps have the occasional one night stand or take a firm stand on a military situation which may or may not win you the admiration of the public.
- Hundreds of situations, thirty characters, hardcore mode, leaderboards, achievements and many secret options and different endings.
- The whole game was designed for users even without previous gaming experience. It is easy to play, yet hard to master...
- This and much more in stunning graphics on the smart political app for Apple Watch.

So, how many years will it take you to become the President?
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