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by Rouxbe
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by Rouxbe
To all healthcare professionals!

Introducing the Prescriber app for iOS—the 21st century solution to the old fashion prescription pad.

The Prescriber enables you to prescribe a fully-supported online cooking course to your patients or clients, called Culinary Rx.

Culinary Rx is a transitional online cooking and lifestyle course that is targeted at people that have a need, or strong desire, to move away from the Standard American Diet to a more health-supportive lifestyle. It is a course that will help your patients or clients navigate the many challenges inherent in changing from eating foods that harm, to foods that have the power to heal and drive optimal health.

At its core, Culinary Rx is a cooking course—one that teaches people the foundational cooking techniques behind successful cooking. Recipes can help, but if your patients do not possess the skills to actually cook, and make food taste delicious, behavioral change simply won't happen. Throughout the course, patients will also learn plant-based nutrition basics from healthcare professionals, and be exposed to clinical research regarding the power of plant-based foods.

While this is not an app showcasing the actual course, it is a convenient next-generation way to prescribe Culinary Rx to your patients, right from your mobile device. The actual prescription takes only 30 seconds, and it will automatically send out a personalized email message from you, direct to your patients' inbox. The message includes an actionable link, along with instructions on how your patients or clients can access the course and get started.

In addition to issuing prescriptions to Culinary Rx, the app also lets you monitor your patients' course progress so that you can begin to correlate specific course learning outcomes with the health outcomes of your patients.

Some early patient course outcomes (to date from 512 surveyed):

• 99% of patients would recommend Culinary Rx
• 93% gained confidence in the cooking abilities
• 89% more motivated to adopt better overall healthier habits
• 40% are transitioning to a diet containing less meat and more plant foods
• 26% have decided to go 100% plant-based
• 53% are reporting more energy
• 52% are reporting a loss of weight
• 12% experienced improvements in the blood pressure
• 7% have reduced or eliminated their medications

We hope the Prescriber app and Culinary Rx helps you and your patients or clients!

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