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Have you ever had to do mental math when someone asks you “How far along are you?” Now you don’t have to! PregTracker is a pregnancy tracker app with a user interface that is straight to the point.

Follow your pregnancy with a readout of exactly how far along your baby is in the app, or even the Notification Center with the new Today Widget.

You can also see how far along your baby is on the Apple Watch at a glance, especially with the Watch Face Complication.

Additional Features include:

• A timeline for gestational milestones
• What date your Trimesters begin
• When the earliest date to learn your baby's gender may happen
• Optionally, the average fetal length by week (in centimeters or inches)

• A snazzy circular progress bar
• Trimester Display on main page.
• Option to show your baby's current week as an application badge. You don't even have to open the app to see how far along your baby is!
• Multiple color schemes (blue, pink, and green)
• Social sharing
• Support for Dynamic Type font size changes
• Support for VoiceOver accessibility feature
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