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With Pregnant – Day by Day, you’ll have expert support on hand all the way through your pregnancy.

You’ll be kept right up-to-date with in-depth weekly updates and bitesize daily snippets of advice and guidance from a professional midwife.

- In-depth daily and weekly updates covering how your body is changing, how your baby is developing, and tips on health and diet
- More than 100 beautiful photos and videos in 2D and 3D, following the various stages of your pregnancy
- Upload photos of your bump and turn them into a beautiful film showing the progress of your pregnancy!
- Search function lets you easily find particular nuggets of information
- Store important contact information, to make sure you always have the numbers of your midwife and the place where you’ll be giving birth
- Choose to receive daily or weekly notifications with the latest about you and your baby
- A handy size guide to keep track of the weight and length of your baby
- A dynamic background that changes and develops along with your baby
- Share updates directly to Facebook
- Get reminders of when to take pictures of yourself