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With Pregnant – Day by Day the development of your baby and your body will be in safe hands.

With the daily- and weekly texts, you will continuously be kept up to date with advice and guidance from a professional midwife.

- In-depth daily and weekly texts about diet, health and the development of the body
- More than 100 beautiful photos and videos in 2D and 3D following the different stages of your pregnancy
- Upload photos of your tummy and watch the development as a film showing the gradual progress of your pregnancy
- Search function allowing you to search through the entire content of the app
- Important contact information, to make sure you always have the numbers of your birthplace and midwife close by
- Choose whether you want to receive daily or weekly notifications with the daily and weekly texts about you and your baby
- Handy size guide showing weight and length for you to keep track of the size of your baby
- A background that simultaneously changes and develops alongside the growth and character changes of the fetus
- Option to share directly on facebook
- Option to receive reminders of when to take pictures of yourself

Here at Interaktion we always develop our apps in collaboration with our users. Please find a few quotes below from pregnant women who were asked to try out the app:

”Great design. What a clever little detail to have the child moving with the phone. Easy to navigate your way round the app.”

”It is a really good app with good information that seems very real and similar to what you experience yourself. So cool to be able to turn photos into a video.”

”It is user friendly and easy to digest and compared to other apps, I definitely think this is the best! And most convenient for me.”

”Very well documented with information on choice of birthplace etc. And home births.”

”Brilliant! Really like the app, it contains good information. Out of the pregnancy apps I have tried, this is definitely the best one so far.”