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Pregnancy Week Tracker

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Pregnancy Week Tracker

Do you want to know exactly how long you have been pregnant?

This free app shows you the progress of your pregnancy at a glance. The pie chart shows you your current week of pregnancy and you can see how many days you are already pregnant. In addition, we show you the current trimester and in the countdown how many days are left until your baby is born.

Simply enter your expected date of birth at the start of the app or use our date of birth calculator. This is used to calculate your baby's date of birth based on the time and duration of your last period according to the extended Naegele rule.

With this great “Pregnancy Week” app, you will never forget which week you are pregnant.

All features of this practical app at a glance:
- Course of pregnancy: current week of pregnancy (information in weeks and days), information on the
- Countdown: Days until your baby is born
Sabrina Holzer