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PregaNote +

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PregaNote +

PregaNote + is an amazing app which caters to all your pregnancy needs .Create reminders for doctor appointments and medicine. Create unlimited lists and maintain your own pregnancy photo album. It also features an intuitive baby kick counter & dashboard for latest stats.

Features :
- Dashboard displaying upcoming appointments and medicine reminders, pregnancy countdown counter and pregnancy tips.
- Your latest pic is displayed in the uber cool dashboard along with current month,week and trimester.
- Add Doctor’s appointments and get notifications on the appointment date. Jot down queries for doctor.
- Awesome interface to set medicine and pathology reminders. With this app you will never miss out your prenatal medicines.
- App contains pre-defined lists for New Born Essentials and Hospital bag checklist.
- Create multiple lists for storing vital information. Easily share the list with family and friends.
- Fantastic kick counter to track your baby’s movements. Count, Track & Store your baby's kick counts.
- Click and share your pregnancy selfies with friends and family. PregaNote + stores your precious memories so that you can re-live it anytime.
- Appointment and Medicine Reminders in Today Widget
- Appointments,Reminders, Lists and Kick Counter features available on PregaNote+ Apple Watch application.

We love to get feedback from our users. You can send an email to [email protected] or use our in-app feedback feature.
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Sheethal Karkera