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Predictable, a multi-award winning Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) text-to-speech app.

Designed for people who cannot speak because of conditions such as:
- Autism
- Cerebral Palsy
- Down’s syndrome
- Learning difficulties
- Stroke / Aphasia
- Laryngectomy
- Apraxia

Using a smart word prediction technology, the app makes speaking out a text-based message easy.
The software learns from your patterns of use and predicts what you will type next in your message easily and accurately.

Categories, in Predictable, make it possible to save your frequently used phrases or sentences and easily retrieve them when you want to speak them.

No WiFi needed to use most the app (only needed to backup your account data).

Main features:
Compatible with the iOS voices,
Use your voice-banked voice from ModelTalker or Acapela My-own-voice
Change the rate and pitch of the iOS voices

Switch Access: accessible via Bluetooth switch box + switch/es (compatible with Therapy Box Switch Box and RJ Cooper Switch Interface)
Face switch: Use face gestures to trigger a selection
Compatible with the iOS method of scanning
Configurable settings for auto or user scan
Touch Anywhere: use the whole screen as a switch with scanning
Head tracking: use facial recognition to interact with the app (available on Pro devices only)
New selection triggers: blink, smile, frown, etc. to select items on the screen
Scan & Tracking: combine different progression and selection access methods

Predictable 6 offers a large selection of customisable emojis.
Attach recordings to your emojis

Phrase bank
Link your phrases in categories to YouTube videos, iTunes songs or website URLs

Web platform
Manage your phrase bank content from the web platform
The phrase bank content is now compatible with format

Different keyboard options to choose from (10 Key, QWERTY, ABCD, High Frequency, Apple and any other Bluetooth or downloadable keyboard).
Ultra customisable UI
Use the notepad for on-screen handwriting that works with the word prediction
Customise your Predictable appearance by changing font, colours and other settings
High Contrast option
Ability to increase the size of the word prediction text

Customer Support
User guides available on your app, on Therapy Box website and upon request
Send a support request directly from your app
Call us up with any queries or problems
Short tutorial videos available from the app
Take the web training on Therapy Box website and get certified!
Join Therapy Box Facebook community to get help from other users

You can find more information about Predictable at
Therapy Box Limited