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Featured Top 3 Utilities in Singapore.
- FREE Prayer Time Reference and Notification for Muslims in Singapore.
- Now with Accurate Azan Notifications and Islamic Calendar

- Prayer Times organised in today and monthly format.
- Local Notifications upon Prayer Time.
- Custom Azan Notifications upon Prayer Time.
- Non-Azan Notifications available too.
- Built-In Qibla compass
- Find the nearest Mosque & Musollah in Singapore.
- Get updated with new timings each year by just a refresh button.

- Why are the custom sounds so short?
Maximum length for notification sounds is 30 seconds.
Hence, it is unfortunate that longer sounds (eg. Full Azan) cannot be used.

- Do I need internet connection?
You will only need to connect to the internet once to download the latest timings from our servers.
Notifications are scheduled locally on your device which makes it even more accurate.
Note: Ensure that your iDevice is set to sync with internet time in Settings app (By Default, it is)

- Why the prayer notifications expire after 12 days?
SGPrayerTime uses local notifications to allow accurate firing of prayer notifications. Local notification has a scheduling limit which for now can schedule 12 days worth of prayer times. To renew, just open the app when prompted by a 'warning' notification and it will auto regenerate 12 days ahead.

Suggestions and Improvements are highly welcomed.
Support: [email protected]

Disclaimer: Mosque locations may not be 100% accurate.
Credits: Islamic Calendar and Prayer Time Data acquired from
Awsam Tech LLP