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Prayer Times, Qibla Finder Pro

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Prayer Times, Qibla Finder Pro

Prayer Times Muslim is a comprehensive Islamic application designed to enrich your spiritual journey and keep you connected to your faith. With a wide range of features including accurate prayer times, Qibla finder, and a rich Quran experience, Salaam App is your ultimate companion in worship and self-reflection.

Experience a seamless prayer journey with Prayer Times Muslim, your ultimate companion for Muslims worldwide. Stay connected with your faith and never miss a prayer again with our comprehensive and feature-rich application.

Key Features:

Accurate Prayer Times: Never miss a prayer again with Prayer Times Muslim. Stay informed about daily prayer timings based on your location, and receive timely reminders to ensure you never miss a prayer.

Qibla Finder: Easily locate the direction of the Qibla using our intuitive compass feature. Whether you're at home or traveling, Prayer Times Muslim guides you towards the Kaaba, helping you pray with precision and devotion.

Quran Experience: Immerse yourself in the divine words of the Holy Quran with Prayer Times Muslim. Access a rich collection of Quranic verses with translations in multiple languages. Bookmark your favorite verses, search for specific passages, and even listen to beautiful recitations.

Personalization: Tailor Salaam App to suit your preferences. Choose from various calculation methods for prayer times, adjust notification settings, and personalize the app's theme to create a truly customized Islamic experience.

Daily Reminders and Inspirational Content: Stay motivated and connected to your faith with daily reminders and inspirational content. Receive notifications with verses from the Quran, hadiths, and uplifting messages to inspire you throughout the day.

Islamic Calendar: Stay updated with important Islamic events and holidays with the integrated Islamic calendar. Plan your activities and celebrations accordingly to strengthen your connection with the Muslim community.
Prayer Times Muslim is designed to provide convenience, accuracy, and a deeper understanding of Islam. It empowers you to practice your faith with ease and devotion, ensuring that spirituality is always at your fingertips. Download Prayer Times Muslim today and embark on a fulfilling journey of faith.
Metin Atalay