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Prayer Times اوقات الصلاه

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Prayer Times اوقات الصلاه

Prayer Times: Athan Pro gives you prayer times in a simple and modern way.

With the convenient today view, monthly prayer timestable in landscape view and Apple Watch app, you will always be up to date on the current prayer times.

Prayer Times: Muslim just works - no setup required. It will automatically find your location and configure the prayer times for your area. But for those who want to select location manually, you can choose to select your location and it will give prayer times and alerts for that location.

Prayer Times: Muslim offers:

- Prayer times for any city in the world, automatically configured or manually choosen.
- Beautiful today view
- Monhtly prayer timestable in landscape view
- Prayer alerts, choose a custom notification sound to know when it's time to pray.
- Apple Watch app
- Daily Quran verses
- Daily Haidth about prayers
Khawla Qureshi