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Pray For This

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Pray For This

Pray For This

Pray For This is an application to help you create, organize and use your prayer items.

• Set reminders, organize by prayers of thanks or need, mark as very important or set as a private prayer item. Private items are not indexed in searches and can require a pin code or fingerprint to unlock for viewing.

• Continue to use the Pray For This application and mark your prayers as answered. Select important answered prayers to be included in your Prayer Testimony. Use your prayer testimony to share with others the good news of your answered prayers for encouragement or education.

• Create a Prayer List to add your prayer items so that you can enter your prayer time organized and not forget anything big or small. Use the prayer session to mark items from your prayer list as prayed and keep track of your prayer time.

• Select scripture "Add Ons" to attach to your prayer items to make your prayer time more productive. Some Add Ons have example prayers to help guide and demonstrate how they can be used.

Pray For This has been optimized for iOS 9 and iOS 10 to include these features:
Universal Application - Pray For This will run on your iPod, iPad or iPhone
Auto-Layout support for dynamic text resizing - Increase your text size in your iOS device Settings
iCloud Synchronization - your prayer items and prayer lists will update between iCloud devices.
Spotlight Search Integration - locate prayer items from device spotlight searches. Your private items are not indexed and kept private.
3D Touch Launch Shortcuts - for supported iOS devices.
Multitasking Split View Enabled - for supported iOS devices.
iOS 10 iMessage App (for supported devices)
TouchID or pin code for locking your private prayer items.
Interactive Push Notifications
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