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Practice Planner

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Practice Planner

At Big Time Coach, we use our apps for each-and-every Game, Practice, Tryout, and Draft that we participate in. Our apps are continually used and refined to put the tools we've come to rely on in your hands.

Big Time Coach Practice Planner is the first in a family of applications for Coaches built by Coaches to enhance every aspect of player development, team management and team communication! Improve the effectiveness and impact of each practice by enhanced planning and resources offered through this app.

In this app you will be able to manage multiple teams, rosters and staff. You will be able to provide on the fly communication with the entire team through the app via text or email options. As a coach you can track and manage player skill evaluations helping you focus your practice on the needs of your team and players.

With over 100 baseball drills you can create and customize impactful practices that will improve the development of your team! If you have your own drills, you can create them in the app and begin using them right away. The Practice Planner app is full of many more features that will help you deliver a great experience to every player on your team, helping you become a Big Time Coach!

Features include:

• 100+ Preloaded Baseball Drills --- All drills are organized by seven different skill areas, Infield, Outfield, Hitting, Running, Pitching, Catcher and Miscellaneous. Create favorites to help you quickly build future practice schedules.

• Integrated Application Help -- Learn Practice Planner as you go with the integrated help for key areas an concepts.

• Create Your Own Drills --- Customize your practice to meet the needs of your players by creating your own drills that you can use and save in the app.

• Practice Blocks --- Take your practices to the next level by creating stations within a practice block to keep players involved, engaged and active throughout the entire practice.

• Player Tracking --- Assign players to specific drills to customize the development of each player.

• Equipment List --- Stay organized by knowing what you need to bring to each practice as each drill is preloaded with equipment needs.

• Player Data --- Track the involvement, attendance and skill evaluations of every player on the team.

• Team and Player Reporting --- Communicate with parents on the progress of each player on the team.

• Practice Timer --- Maximize every minute of each practice by utilizing the Practice Timer. This feature will let you know when each drill is complete, helping you move on to the next drill and get the most out of each practice.

• Team Communication --- Connect easily with the entire team from the app using either text or email to get any message out to the team.

• Manage Multiple Teams --- Simple navigation allows you to keep track of different teams and players while maintaining team specific tracking and communication.

• Injury Reports --- Paperless Injury Form helps you as a coach to quickly and accurately report any injuries from the field to league officials right. Capture the parent/guardian signature and the report is ready for submission.. Now included - consussion protocol.

• Import / Export Drills, Practices, and Practice Sets --- Share drills with other coaches and colleagues. Leagues can create practice sets to distribute as a curriculum for their league on a division-by-division basis.

• Integrated Spotlight Search -- Search for players and choose to quickly view their current assessment status as well as their practice attendance. Search for injury reports by injured persons name to receive a quick view of the report status.

• Action Enabled Notifications -- No need to pull up the app to go on to the next practice activity. You may take action right in the notification. Have an Apple Watch? Take action from your wrist and keep you phone in your pocket or bag!

Big Time Coach, Helping Players, One Coach At A Time!
Carl Rendell