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PPT Control Pro

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PPT Control Pro

4 Design Awards & 2016 Best Seller! 40% OFF for Limited Time~
Pro version Only:
1.Auto Computer Detect:No need to Input IP of the Computer anymore .
2.Telepathy-Mouse:You can even control the mouse with this Pro version.

PPT Control is an app to turn your iPhone into a Powerpoint or Keynote or Google Slides remote controller,so you can perform more professional just like the best speechmakers.

•Only 1 min: Just 3 steps, your cell phone can be used as a PowerPoint or Keynote controller in seconds.
•Less is More: we do our best to remove all no-essential functionalities when others try their best in the wrong way. There goes the design of only 1 touch pad.
•56 speechmakers: With a number of tests by 56 professional speechmakers and continuously update, it becomes more and more close to perfect.
•Most gorgeous: From the top designer in the world, Only the best controller can be in the league of your best Power Point or Keynote.
•Apple Watch Version:Freer than ever.

Anyway, we have no In-App Purchases, it is really design for human.
Enjoy your wireless and splendid presentation~

P.S. The PPT Control also supports Microsoft Office, Word, PDF, WPS etc.Support both Windows & Mac.
Any problem, please email: [email protected]
Guohua Gao